Mco - finest handmade exotic Leather Products is a brand of Mcogroup Global Development Limited with CEO and owner Phil Schneider. The origins and inspirations of our company go back to the Grandfather Josef Schneider of the company owner, who was already active in the trade and manufacturing of leather and textile goods in Austria and the USA since the 1930s.

MCO - Manufacturing Step by Step

We are specialized in manufacturing luxury custom made leather products from exotic leather like crocodile leather, python, lizard.  We offer ODM, OEM and custom made leather products in the field of handbags, vintage travel bags, accessories. Of course we also offer other fine leathers like finest french calfskin, goatskin, lizard leather, python. All exotic leathers are certified by Cites and meet the requirements of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.


MCO - Customer References

Phil Schneider is the CEO of Mco Group and his Design Team works with each client to create a bespoke  piece reflecting the clients unique needs and desires creating a one of a kind MCO Custom Piece.

MCO - Brand Philosophy

MCO - is a luxury lifestyle brand dedicated to high quality crafted leather accessories. MCO - strives for excellence through the selection of the best possible raw materials, stringent craftsmanship standards, refreshing designs, and meticulous quality control-to ensure that customers receive the most well-crafted products available.

MCO - Leather Vision

MCO - selects many types of finishing for the farmed alligator / crocodile skins, two of which are classics: matted and shiny, others include rubbed-off, hand-painted and sanded-off to name a few. The sturdy matted finish is more forgiving and is more water resistant. The elegant shiny finish is more delicate. Both types of finishing allow for the development of a nice patina over time. They come in many basic colors such as black and brown, as well as in an array of vivid seasonal colors who are custom made from our tannery.

MCO - Craftmanship

Before all patterns are made, each prospective Mco - piece of work is neatly hand-drafted in 3 dimensions on paper. Once finalized, our pattern makers accurately draw the patterns with the exact sizing on cardboard. The leather parts making up the final products are excised based on these cardboard patterns. When we do our own tanning, we do so by means of a centuries-old artisanal technique. It’s performed exclusively by hand, with natural tannins of vegetable origin, imported from Italy.